I consult, write, and speak on running better technology businesses (tech firms and IT captives) and the things that make it possible: good governance behaviors (activist investing in IT), what matters most (results, not effort), how we organize (restructure from the technologically abstract to the business concrete), how we execute and manage (replacing industrial with professional), how we plan (debunking the myth of control), and how we pay the bills (capital-intensive financing and budgeting in an agile world). I am increasingly interested in robustness over optimization.

I work for ThoughtWorks, the global leader in software delivery and consulting.

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Agile Manager.Init()

agile (lowercase-a)
1. Being responsive to changes in the business environment.

Agile (capital-A)
proper noun
1. An umbrella term for a collection of related methodologies including Scrum, Crystal, and Extreme Programming
2. The disciplined execution of a set of best practices in software development.

I'm creating this blog to encourage discussion of management practices that engender or inhibit responsiveness to changes in the business environment. The content will be substantially from an IT perspective, with the realization that the business environment neither begins nor ends with IT.